Sunday, 19 June 2011

Winter Yoga Class Tips and Benefits

Yes the mornings are colder, the nights also once that beautiful Winter Sun sets and leaves.
We do feel like we would like to hibernate, drink chai and stay in bed a little longer on those colder mornings.
That is fine, we are simply tuning into our natural instincts, and rhythms, but and there is a but, to keep everything happening as it should in a flowing and continuous healthy way we should still commit to our weekly class/classes and or home practice.
Why you ask?
To aid our digestion, assimilation, and elimination a regular yoga class is a must. The fire in the belly, Agni is encouraged to keep glowing, a regular yoga class helps to keep it stoked, and in good working order. On a more subtle level our emotional and mental state is uplifted and our sense of perception a little more finely tuned. Life just seems a little more easy to deal with. By keeping up your regular yoga practice, will power is developed, as is determination and focus. If you keep up your practice throughout Winter as Spring draws closer, toxins, and weight etc, are easier to shed, you feel a little clearer and lighter on every level.

It is always wise to wear clothing that you can layer on and off easily. At Hinterland Yoga all of our classes have access to heating, so it is not long before you are taking off that extra layer. Always bring water to class, and make sure you keep yourself well hydrated even through our cooler months.

Meditation is a lovely way to tap into that inner stillness, a daily practice is very beneficial, even if it is only for a short amount of time. At my class in Maleny I include a short meditation in each class. Winter is a wonderful time to retreat inward to rest, rejuvenate and replenish.

I hope I have inspired you just a little,

See you at class soon,

Melissa and the girls of Hinterland Yoga

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