Wednesday, 1 July 2015

                                         "A Day to De- Stress"

When: Sunday 26th July 2015

What is it:" A Day to De-Stress"

Where: Melissa's Healing Space, Curramore Qld

Cost: $80

Time: 9.30am- 3.30pm

Hello to every-one,

I am holding a day retreat at my Healing Space in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

The day shall encompasses many practices, to settle, sooth, replenish and revitalise, body mind and spirit.

Sounds yummy! Well if this appeals to your senses come and experience it for yourself.

A flowing Yoga practice, Mindfulness Meditation, Progressive Muscle Relaxation techniques, Breath work to revitalise, yet also bring a sense of calm and balance to the nervous system.

For more information please see details below,


Bookings are essential:

Please go to and look under the Yoga/Retreats Header, payment and registration details are available there,

I look forward to spending this day with you,



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