Sunday, 23 June 2013


Well,  winter is here with us on the Sunshine Coast and yep its chilly times.

Winter is a time when yoga classes traditionally drop in numbers - as a yoga
teacher I know this to be a fact - I love the challenge of winter!

 Its a time when yoga teachers know the importance of looking after their students,
keeping everyone warm, working at a deeper level and stoking the inner fire
through our deep breathing techniques.
 Our yoga flow can be deeper, holding our asanas for longer (when will she suggest we take that next breath!)

Lets remember to drink water.  Warmer water works well in winter and how so
often we dont drink because we dont naturally feel thirsty but REMEMBER to important time to keep hydrated.
Enjoy the warming foods in winter - nothing like a warm bowl of soup after class.

In your home practice,  the importance of keeping our joints well lubricated in
winter.    Rotating the ankles, hips, knees and wrists is so important....will keep
the synovial fluids flowing through the joints.

 Layered clothing in yoga classes and loving ourselves to keep
moving in winter will ensure we dont hibernate TOO much.

All the best for these chilly times.

See you all on the mat.

Liz xx

PS  My Yandina Monday night class has gone into winter hibernation till approx mid

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